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Software: Description O/S
OcoeeNET Online Connection Software for Internet Access Windows 95/98
Paint Shop Pro

Powerful image editor and painting program

Windows 95/98
Paint Shop Pro 3.11 Image editor and painting program Win 3x
Jasc Media Center Easily catalog your multimedia files Windows 95/98
Image Commander Fast and easy-to-use graphics viewer Windows 95/98
Jasc Image Robot Advanced batch image processor Windows 95/98
Pixel 3D Powerful 3D rendering made easy Windows 95/98
Sky Map Pro 4 Accurate, full-featured planetarium program Windows 95/98
Ornamatica Easily create masterpiece clipart borders Windows 95/98
MediaCenter v1.2

Organize and edit your images and more

Windows 95/98
WS_FTP Pro Powerful Windows file transfer client Windows 95/98
Net Medic Internet & Network Monitor Windows 95/98
NetFaster Optimize your Internet connection Windows 95/98
WinZip 6.3 File decompression/compression 32 bit Windows 95/98
Acrobat Reader Adobe's PDF file reader Windows 95/98
Winamp v2.71 Play MP3s, WMAs, CDs & other types Windows 95/98
RealPlayer Play audio or video files over the Internet Windows 95/98

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