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Charge.Com -- Accept Credit Cards from your customers

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Charge.Com -- Accept Credit Cards from your customers

Fast, Reliable Web-Site Hosting

With generous Disk Space plus great tools such as Web Statistic Reporting, FREE Message Board and Form Mail Scripts, FREE Auto-Responders, and unlimited Domain Email Aliases, our hosting plans are the best value in the area!  Put your business on line today with OcoeeNET Web Hosting!      

OcoeeNET Web-Site Hosting Plans
Feature: IntroSite Pro-Plan Pro-Plus Pro-Ultra Ultra-Plus
Server Space 25 MB 50 MB 150 MB 300 MB 500 MB
Network Traffic 1 Gig 6 Gig 8 Gig 10 Gig 15 Gig
POP Email Boxes 5 50 100 200 300
Mailing Lists 0 5 25 200 200
Auto Responders 5 50 100 200 300
Email Aliases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Control Panel
File Manager
Mail Manager & Webmail
My SQL Databases 0 1 4 6
Shopping Cart
Password Change
MIME Types
FTP Accounts 1 1 2 6 10
Telnet Access SSH ONLY
Real Cgi-Bin
Real IP Address
PGP Mail
E-mail Forwarding
Protected Directories
HTTP Site Statistics
SSL Secure Server 1
Network Tools
FrontPage Ext. 2000
Custom Error Pages
Java Chat
Sub Domains 9
Preinstalled CGI Scripts
Anonymous FTP
Search Engine Submission Tool
Real Audio/Video Server 2
Daily Backups 3
Domain Registration 4 $25/yr $25/yr $25/yr $25/yr $25/yr
Server Set-up Fee $75.00 $75.00 $75.00 $75.00 $75.00
Monthly Hosting Fee $19.95 $29.95 $44.95 $54.95 $79.95
1 Use of our VeriSign Security Certificate. Additional cost for your own certificate.
2 Real Audio/Video CAN BE streamed without the server.
Free registration of domain name.
3 Daily Backups are completed, however, we STRONGLY recommend that you perform your own backups
anytime you make changes to your site.  Our backups are systems wide and geared more toward recovering
an entire server rather than a specific domain on that server.   Although we use high quality software, nothing
is ever guaranteed, therefore, we can not guarantee the quality of a recovery for individual domains.
4 We can register your domain for $25 per year.

   All sites hosted on high-speed UNIX.  NT servers available upon request.

Already hosting elsewhere? No problem. When you pick a hosting plan form us, we'll transfer your site over to our servers for free!

Let us be the home for your Web-site. Call our offices at (423) 473-7306, email or order online from our secure SSL connection.

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